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Our client work


John has had another year of varied, interesting and challenging client work. It keeps the coffers full and prevents John from getting bored.


There is continued interest in the industry in open-ended and semi open-ended funds, as well as externally managed REITs. The changing nature of available capital will only increase the pressure for product development in this area, as the demands of traditional but declining defined output capital pools increasingly diverge from the increasingly important defined input pools.














































Review of our fifth year continued

John has been working on a number of new fund launches over the year.


He is also advising on the establishment of the real estate vehicle for one of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pools.


Several of our clients have made very significant steps on their journeys during the year:


  • Our longstanding client Internos was sold to Principal       Financial Group. Internos was our first client when we set up in business and the lucky recipient of John Forbes Consulting LLP invoice 001.


  • PfP Capital established a £330 million joint venture with the University Superannuation Scheme (USS).  You can read the press release here.


  • Capita sold its asset services division to Link Group.


  • Round Hill Capital announced that Dyal Capital Partners, a division of Neuberger Berman, had made a strategic minority investment.


  • MGT and Baumont both made their first investments during the year.


We have a number of other projects underway at the moment so anticipate having more announcements to make over the next year.





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