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Ammonites revisited

Ammonites, extinction events and the real estate funds industry

The paper "Ammonites, extinction events and the real estate funds industry" was originally produced in the autumn of 2010 as a write-up of a presentation at that year’s PwC European Real Estate Client conference by John Forbes. The conference presentation and the paper reflected upon the regulatory and other pressures facing the real estate industry in the aftermath of the Lehman collapse, as well as providing some predictions as to how this might unfold over the two years to the autumn of 2012. Two years later, four years after the collapse of Lehman and at the time predicted in the original report as the point of maximum pressure on the real estate investment management industry, John wrote an update of the report. Now another four years on, during which time John has left

PwC and set up John Forbes Consulting LLP, we have produced another update.


Photo: Jurassic ammonite, found in Charmouth, Dorset. Photo from

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