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The case for London cycling superhighways (cont)

The average peak delay is predicted to be 1 minute 26 seconds on the east-west route and 2 minutes 43 seconds on the north-south. The property industry  could significantly mitigate the peak time delays by ensuring that construction traffic does not use the route at this time of day. There is no good reason for construction waste to be transported in the morning rush hour. The London Cycling Campaign is calling for a ban.


Canary Wharf's dirty briefs


Much of the anti-superhighway commentary appears to be based on an anonymous and inaccurate briefing that allegedly comes from Canary Wharf PLC (see here).  As the company has failed to respond to the allegations and according to Tom Edwards of the BBC is refusing to be interviewed on the subject, it sounds as if this may well be true. The lack of transparency is underhand and the position advocated of maintaining a dual carriageway through central London is unsustainable from an environmental perspective. We will therefore be referring to the anonymous campaign as Canary Wharf's dirty briefs.


Why we support the initiative as a business


We are a tiny business and our views are insignificant. However, collectively SMEs represent 98% of businesses in London. We support the proposals and encourage other small businesses to to do the same. Like the ants in Bug's Life, if we all do something together, it might just make a difference.

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