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On 3rd July, Grosvenor organised a cycle ride from Oxford to Cambridge for their team and for colleagues in the real estate industry.  Support for the event was provided by "Cycle to" who organise the annual Cycle to MIPIM.  I was delighted to be a ride captain for the event.


It was a fantastic event with all the ingredients for a perfect day of cycling - quiet country lanes, a friendly group of riders, stunning weather, a cake stop with big slices of cake at a cafe with a pretty garden, lunch at a proper country pub.  The support crew from Cycle to ensured that there was nothing for the riders to worry about other than riding.


The ride split into two groups to accomdate different speeds. The riders in both groups rode well together and managed to maintain a good speed. The two groups met up at the cake stop and lunch.

Grosvenor Cycle Ride

Some thoughts from John


When you ride in an event like this, it is easy to see why cycling is becoming so popular as a form of corporate entertaining in the real estate industry. Cycling in a group is a very sociable activity.  Even in the faster group, there was plenty of opportunity for chatter on the way round, as well as at the various stops. In a clever touch, the final run into Cambridge was routed through Grosvenor's big site on the outskirts of the city  The cycling shirts given to the riders as a souvenir had also been thought through. Stylish and each with the rider's name on it. This should ensure that they remain in use long after the event is over. I will be watching out for them around London. I am rather jealous that ride captains did not get one!


The route picked its way through idyllic countryside, particularly the first half from Oxford to Woburn, leafy lanes, twisty little climbs and descents and plenty of thatched cottages to admire. JRR Tolkein lived in Oxford when he wrote The Hobbit and you have to think that the lanes around Brill were the inspiration for The Shire.


Sadly I had to head for the station as soon as the ride was over so I missed the post-event drinks. I am sure that the convivial atmosphere of the ride itself continued well into the evening.  Thank you very much to everyone at Grosvenor. It was a pleasure to be involved.

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