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EU long term finance timetable

The long-term investments Q&A published by the EU Commission on 27th March includes as an annex a timetable of actions covering a number of areas of regulation. The full Q&A and annex can be downloaded here: We have previously commented on various of these.


Insurance companies


Delegated Act for Solvency II to include a number of incentives to stimulate long-term investment by insurers.

Due second half of 2014, This is in accordance with other recent comments on timetable. See here.


See our comments on Solvency II here


Pension funds


Call for Advice to the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) with the objective of creating a single market for personal pensions and thus potentially mobilising more personal pension savings for long-term financing.

Due second half of 2014


See our comments on IORP here




Differentiation of “high” quality securitisation products across financial sectors and possible preferential regulatory treatment compatible with prudential principles.



Global standards on securitisation, in particular on risk retention, high quality standardisation and transparency to ensure consistency and avoid regulatory arbitrage.



See our comments on securitisation under Solvency II here. The suggestion that discussions are `"ongoing" implies ar least some wiggle room for changes.

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