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Year to 30th June 2021

The 30th June 2021 was the eighth anniversary of John leaving PwC and setting up this business. This has been, by some margin, the oddest of the eight years. The previous year came to a close with the world in a highly unusual place, with everyone working from home. Little did we expect this to still be the case a year later. We finished our update this time last year with a comment  that we hoped that the world would have returned sufficiently to normal by the end of the year to be able to see you all at the usual round of Christmas drinks. This clearly did not happen, but we hope that it might this year….


John has continued to busy on client and industry matters through the year.


Four highlights of the year were appearing in the EG Lockdown Diaries, being interviewed for the Club Peloton “In the peloton with….”, speaking as the real estate funds expert at the London Stock Exchange Investment Fund Conference 2020 and running our own webinar for the first time. More on each of them here and on the next page.



EG Lockdown Diary


The lockdown diaries were a series in EG in which eminent figures in the real estate industry described a typical day. They had obviously run out of eminent figures, by November so asked John. The result was similar to the childish humour that you find in our newsletters. You can read it here.



Lockdown diary
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