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“In the peloton with….”


This was a series of video interviews organised by Club Peloton, in which eminent figures in the real estate industry involved with Club Peloton and the annual cycle to MIPIM shared their views. As with the lockdown diaries, they had obviously run out of eminent figures, so asked John. The Club Peloton twist is that the interviewers and interviewee are supposed to be on bikes on turbo trainers. John does not own a functioning turbo trainer so instead used warm-up rollers. This was quite challenging.


You can listen to the recording here.

John preparing to be interviewed.

In the peloton

London Stock Exchange Investment Fund Conference 2020


Although it was by video for obvious reasons rather than the traditional physical conference, John was extremely honoured to speak in the debate on real estate trends.

Our own webinar


We ran our first webinar in May, on the new AREF / INREV guidelines on subscription pricing for open-ended funds. There is more on the technical stuff and John’s involvement later in this review. Helen chaired, with John, Melville Rodrigues from Apex and Nick Brown from M&G as speakers. We had the occasional dodgy moment in the running, all of which are preserved for posterity in the video. We had been a bit embarrassed about how amateurish it was, but then Andrew Neil launched GB News and put it all into perspective.


You can find the video here.

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