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The real estate investment management industry has changed very significantly since the financial crisis. John wrote the influential report for the Association of Real Estate Funds, "Unlisted funds - lessons from the crisis", published in January 2012. As real estate investment managers now face the callenge of responding to those lessons, they need assistance in changing many aspects of their businesses and the relationship that they have with large and small investors.  John provides strategic advice as well as assiting with the implementation of changes.  John works with clients looking to implement change in existing funds and fund managers looking to ensure the attractiveness of new products, He has recently advised on the restructuring of high profile open and closed-ended real estate funds in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, as well as the establishment of new funds.  He has recently provided strategy advice for fund managers and for service providers to the industy.


Over the last few years, John has:




Undertaken strategic and market reviews for real estate investment managers, financial institutions and other services providers to the real estate investment management industry.


Structure, operation and governance


Provided advice for  managers of new and existing open-ended and closed-ended funds  




Provided advice to real estate clients on the impact on their businesses of regulatory change, in particualar the EU AIFMD and Solvency II Directives.


Operational controls


John has provided assistance to clients on operatonal controls inlcuding:


a)  Undertaking: a review of operatonal controls at a fund manager on behalf of an investor;

b)  Providing advice on the implementation of independent audit of controls environment.


Cost transparency


This is becoming an important area. You can read about it here.


You can read about how John helps managers and investors with fund due diligence here.

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